Adidas switches global ad account to Sid Lee – who the hell is Sid Lee?

Well it’s a Montreal-based agency whose principals Bertrand Cesvet, chairman, Eric Alper, strategist, and Tony Babinski, creative director, have a long relationship with entertainment phenomenon Cirque de Soleil and now work their magic for, among others, Adidas.

And it’s quite a clever idea to call the agency Sid Lee as opposed to Cesvet, Alper and Babinkski. Sid Lee, by the way, is an anagram of the agency’s original name, Diesel.

Poor old Adidas took a bit of a hammering in the World Cup; despite its role as official sponsor it was gazumped by mega-bucks Nike, although Sid’s Star Wars commercial featuring Snoop Dogg and David Beckham was pretty good (despite being a walk in the park for two of the world’s most over-promoted celebrities).

Adidas, at the same time, was bedevilled by that bloody football it designed that refused to go in the net.

Anyway it’s still good to see a relatively new agency winning the attention of global clients. Adidas moves from 180 Amsterdam, a location where Sid Lee has recently opened an office, originally to handle Adidas retro brand Adidas Originals.

The 180 bunch won’t be buying the Sid Lee-ites any nice Dutch beers for a while.

The Star Wars ad is in the link, here’s one for Adidas Originals.

With Dave, Snoop and Noel Gallagher – that’s why they were all in the Star wars ad, they’re on long term contracts!

Not great is it?

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