Adidas leapfrogs Nike in World Cup stakes – but is it all balls?

Well in Adidas’ case it seems to be, with its controversial Jabulani ball accounting for much of the online buzz that has allowed it to overtake ‘ambush’ marketer Nike as the most recognised sport brand.

Adidas is an official sponsor of course so its recovery after the huge impact of Nike’s epic ‘write the future’ commercial will be welcome. But its own Star Wars spoof ad featuring David Beckham and Noel Gallagher (mystifyingly) also seems to have redressed the balance according to Nielsen.

Of course the Adidas ball has not proved popular with anyone, goalkeepers hate it, free kick specialists find they can get the ball up over the wall but then it disappears into the stratosphere. England’s Fabio Capello doesn’t like it much either, it being one of the reasons why a kick from the German goalie unmanned the hopeless English defence in the defeat against Germany.

Still it got Adidas up the agenda belatedly and that’s all that seems to count.

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