Wembley needs more than this ‘rebrand’

The new Wembley Stadium – or just Wembley as it’s now to be known, to appeal to sponsors apparently, has been pretty much a disaster from day one.

First of all the UK Football Association put the project in the hands of former Chelsea chairman Ken Bates who pursued his perennial dream of stuffing the site with hotels and restaurants, just like Stamford Bridge.

They then dumped those (and him) but still only managed to complete the stadium for around £800m, more than twice what it was supposed to cost.

Although the Lord Foster design does look nice…..

So to make up the money the FA has to have all sorts of non-football events there which means that they need to keep digging up the pitch and relaying it at a cost of £100,000 a time. And the pitch is still rubbish.

Undeterred by such basics (the need to have a decent pitch in the national stadium) Wembley has come up with the above rebrand by an outfit called Bulletproof with a couple of useful keywords, ‘inspiring’ and ‘memories.’

But what have memories got to do with it if it’s new?

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