Has Ultimo boss boobed over Kelly Brook contract

Holding a contract from bra firm Ultimo is a precarious business and now starlet Kelly Brook might be on her way having, apparently, breached her contract by agreeing to pose nude for Playboy and topless for Loaded.

Kelly, who was dumped as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent after just a handful of appearances, has to get work where she can find it and Playboy is allegedly willing to shell out £345,000 for her services.

Ultimo, owned by self-made and exceedingly publicity conscious Glaswegian Michelle Mone, does a fair bit of dumping itself.

Peaches Geldof was shown the door in March after pictures of her with her boyfriend surfaced in the tabloids amid rumours of a sex tape. This seemed a touch contrived as surely the point of Peaches Geldof is that she’s often pictured in various states of mental and physical disarray in the tabs.

Brook herself has only been on the team for three months.

Ms Mone says she’s going to intervene personally in l’affaire Brook. Another publicity opportunity or does it just make Ultimo look silly and opportunistic?

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