The top ten best World Cup ads so far?

Our thanks go to the indefatigable folks at Media Asia who have sifted their way through dozens, maybe hundreds of World Cup ads to bring you their top ten.

An exhausting process with some pretty exhausting ads.

Some old faves like Nike and Pepsi (Lionel Messi) which we’ve already featured are there plus some newies including efforts for Budweiser and Visa. Actually a lot of people are saying the Nike ad is rubbish, what with Wayne Rooney giving away a penalty and being consigned to the underclass. And what are the Simpsons doing there?

The Visa ad is by the usually wonderful Kate Stanners of Saatchis in London. It’s simple and energetic (aren’t they all) but you do wonder rather what the point is.

Actually one often wonders why Visa spends so much on advertising anyway. You don’t insist on a Visa credit card do you? It just is.

Is this it? I guess if you’ve spent a fortune on a World Cup commercial you want to air it a few weeks in advance. Take Pepsi and Lionel Messi.

If Argentina get knocked out in the group stages what do you do? Pull the ads and sue Diego Maradona?

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