Tessa Jowell says the BBC’s pants – so why did she give it all that money?

This is really bizarre, former Labour culture secretary Tessa Jowell has told a meeting that the BBC is useless (at being politic) and arrogant and is due a deserved kicking from the new coalition government.

But at the same time she admitted that she was the only minister in favour of the Beeb’s last stupendous licence fee settlement (£3.3bn a year), which she somehow persuaded all the others to agree to. And signed it off herself.

So is she saying she was wrong? Or they were all stupid? Or maybe both?

Everybody loves Tessa of course, who is a nice woman. But this sort of stuff really won’t do.

But those who don’t love Tessa (and maybe some who do) feel free to put the boot into the Beeb without ever coming up with a way of making it sensibly accountable (which it’s not at the moment as it feels obliged to apologise, weakly, for every controversial programme but not for its monopoly status and bloated management structure).

Coalition ministers are sensibly keeping their heads down over this. But Tessa’s daft comments will not help anyone.

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