Taco Bell launch boost for UK fatties

US tex-mex fast food giant Taco Bell is to have another crack at the UK market (it tried before in 1986) with the opening of a restaurant at the huge Lakeside shopping mall.

It’s ironic that the news comes at the same time as the increasingly absurd National Institute for Clinical Health and Excellence (NICE) is calling for a pre-9pm ban on all food and drink TV advertising, claiming this will slow down the incidence of 20-stone children and possibly even prevent death entirely.

TB is owned by Yum Brands which is also the owner of KFC and Pizza Hut so it will hardly feature on NICE’s list of favourites. In the States it’s certainly synonomous with over-munching.

TB will probably thrive mightily in chancellor George Osborne’s austerity Britain, its cheapest product (which is no doubt highly nutritious) costs just 79p.

As for NICE it should return to its true metier, preventing the National Health Service from purchasing cancer drugs on the grounds that they’re too expensive.

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