Savage job cuts at the Mirror titles

The three UK Mirror titles – Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and People – are to cut 200 editorial jobs, getting on for half their total staff of 554.

A third of these jobs are so-called casuals but, on tabloid newspapers in particular, some ‘casuals’ have been there for years.

The Mirror’s management, headed by Sly Bailey a former ad manager at IPC, says this is happening as a result of its super-dooper new ContentWatch content system which will enable it to operate a “digital newsroom” with far fewer hacks.

In reality it’s another effort by a newspaper publisher to save costs by getting journalists to write across all its titles.

All the papers are cutting back of course but this is a particularly savage cull. Maybe Trinity Mirror is right to try to get all its cuts out of the way in one.

Unless there are even more to come that it’s not telling us about of course.

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