Robert Peston joins contenders for Radio 4 top job – can the nation bear the loss?

He hasn’t got the prestigious post being vacated by Mark Damazer yet of course but the great Pesto would hardly apply for the job of controller of Radio 4 if he didn’t think he stood a good chance.

The trouble is we’ve all grown to depend on his hotlines to the City and the Treasury to try to understand what’s going on in the UK’s wobbly financial system.

Hard as the BBC’s other financial reporters try to understand what’s going on they seem helpless when faced by the pack of lies and corporate speak that captains of finance and politicians throw at them.

But these birds know that former Financial Times hack Pesto sees through all this nonsense and pay him the respect to either answer his questions (reasonably) honestly or just hide.

Getting any big BBC bureaujob is an unbelievably protracted process and Pesto and others like arts presenter Mark Lawson may well tire of proceedings or just to fail to make it on grounds known only to the Beeb.

If Pesto were to kick himself upstairs it would create a vacancy as business editor for another external big hitter.

Former Telegraph editor and one-time wunderkind editor of the Sunday Times Business News Will Lewis is an obvious contender.

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