What a pants idea – ads on jockeys’ bottoms

But it might be coming to a racecourse near you, the horse racing panjandrums in Kentucky, home of the famous Derby, have just approved new regulations allowing sponsors to place their logos (and doubtless other messages besides in due course) on jockeys’ be-jodpured bottoms.

One presumes this applies to ladies’ races too.

This is all rather undignified of course and you can’t really see the idea appealing to members of the Jockey Club back in the UK which is highly resistant to change of all sorts. It’s still fighting a rearguard action against the 20th century let alone the 21st.

And who will be the first brand owner to take advantage of this opportunity? Gap maybe or Apple? Its logo would be fairly striking.

Still it’s more money for media agencies or would the outdoor specialists try to nab this one?

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