Pregnant nun ad lands Antonio Fedirici ice cream in hot water

Not that the cheeky Italian ice cream maker will be concerned even though the mighty UK Advertising Standards Authority is investigating more than 40 complaints over an ad featuring a pregnant nun enjoying a spoonful of the product.

Only last year the company landed in similarly warm water with an ad (pictured) featuring a nun and a priest who looks as though he doubles up as a male stripper.

The campaign theme is ‘ice cream is our religion.’

Causing a disproportionate amount of fuss (the ads ran in Grazia and The Lady, a truly inspired piece of media buying) is all part of the game of course.

But the following quote from one Matt O’ Connor from the company is even more worthy of note. O’Connor, an Irish Catholic apparently, told the Guardian the ad told a ‘deeper story.’

To wit, that it references the “horrific stories involving thousands of pregnant Irish women enslaved by the Catholic church in convents and who had their children taken away from them by nuns because they were seen as moral degenerates.”

I’ll have the raspberry ripple.

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