We’ve had Nike’s Write the Future, now Adidas re-invents Star Wars

Words are beginning to fail us with these World Cup ads but here’s the big one from from Adidas, an official World Cup sponsor as opposed to Nike which is just trying to seem like one.

It’s a take on the cantina scene from the first Star Wars in 1977 by Montreal’s Sid Lee agency, replete with Hans Solo/Harrison Ford, Alec Guinness (deceased alas), Snoop Dogg, Liam Gallagher (why you may ask), Franz Beckenbauer (the old guy in a polo shirt) with not a football in sight.

But it least it has good old David Beckham who manages a turn in his best trouper style.

Dave isn’t playing for England due to injury but they’ve taken him along anyway because…because you have to I suppose.

It’ll be a relief when the football starts.

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