IPA/Thinkbox report shows good ads on TV sell more stuff

Well it would wouldn’t it?

After all the UK’s IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) and ITV marketing body Thinkbox would rather like research to say this so would have taken every legitimate means of ensuring their new survey did.

Even so the research, which collates Gunn Report info on creative awards winners with IPA effectiveness data makes a pretty compelling case that the most creative ads, the awards winners, score highest in other categories too such as awareness and even, in some cases, sales.

And they often do this with a lower ‘share of voice’, ie exposure, than more boring campaigns.

Oh, and most of them are on telly too. So Thinkbox receives its return on investment.

The IPA has been banging away on this theme for years, particularly trying to persuade marketers that companies that continue to advertise in recessions come out better at the other end. Most companies probably accept this in principle but practice clearly differs (and probably always will do).

But this is a noble effort. It reminds your correspondent of a survey Lowe produced ages ago called ‘Ad Avoiders.’ This appeared to show that TV viewers only responded to ads they liked, the rest they skipped. Presumably they do this even more in the era of Sky Digiboxes.

Marketers now probably accept to a greater extent than they did that creative ads in expensive media do work better, having seen their efforts to escape completely from traditional advertising to so-called accountable media like direct marketing and online largely fail.

But the trouble with creative ads is that they’re rather difficult (and expensive) to produce. After all they can’t all win awards.

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