Will Hyundai get its money back for ITV World Cup howler?

Those people watching ITV’s transmission of the England v USA World Cup match in high definition on Saturday (1.5m out of 15m at the time) would have been unpleasantly surprised to see the hapless broadcaster cut to a Hyundai ad on four minutes, just when Steven Gerrard was scoring England’s solitary goal.

Hyundai execs must have been a bit startled too, Hyundai immediately becoming the world’s most unpopular car brand with a not insignificant portion of the population.

ITV has blamed the howler (not its first, it missed a crucial Everton goal against Liverpool in the FA Cup two seasons ago) on ‘human error’ at playback and delivery supplier Technicolor.

Only last year Technicolor was boasting of the “innovative and technologically advanced digital engine room” it was deploying on ITV’s behalf. Reassuring that it still needs people really.

But will Hyundai be demanding compensation from ITV for the error? I don’t see why not.

ITV, of course, will probably try to charge it extra for the unscheduled showing.

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