Google launches one-stop display network

Just when you thought Apple had taken the lead in the race to become the world’s biggest new media owner with its iAds platform arch-enemy Google has struck back with the launch of its new Google Display Network, a single point through which you can buy ads on all its own sites, including YouTube, Google Maps and Gmail, plus the million-odd partner sites on the AdSense network.

All that’s excluded is search marketing on Google.

Unlike iAds there’s nothing new about Google Display Network but it should make life much easier for non-geek media planners and buyers. As such it will make life rather harder for digital media specialists who have been able to charge a premium for their ability to find their way around the net.

As with most things Google (and indeed Apple) one suspects that the ultimate aim is to cut media agencies out of the loop altogether; the technology is intended to make media planning and buying so simple that any idiot, even a client or a copywriter, can do it.

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