Will DLKW work some magic for Lowe London?

Well Lowe London could certainly do with some, the agency has never recovered from founder Sir Frank Lowe’s fallout with the Interpublic board before the agency went through a string of pretty clueless CEOs and then, the final blow, Lowe recruiting the best of the rest to join his new agency The Red Brick Road with the Tesco account.

Lowe, of course, had international responsibilities at Lowe Worldwide but his omniscient presence kept Lowe London on the ball, although the likes of Jerry Judge, its most successful CEO, didn’t take too kindly to being called by Frank at four in the morning.

But it’s been downhill all the way since and Campaign now reports that the agency is trying to buy Delaney Lund Knox Warren from Don Elgie’s Creston mini-marcomms group to shore up the London agency.

Creston bought DLKW for a reported maximum figure of £38.2m in 2005. One doubts that this sum, or anything particularly close to it, actually changed hands. Why would the three remaining founders chairman Greg Delaney and joint CEOs Tom Knox and Richard Warren still be in this particular game if it had?

DLKW is a decent, workmanlike agency but hardly in the image of vintage Lowe-style glitz and glamour.

But Interpublic too is a rather workmanlike holding company (that word may be harsh on DLKW but it’s decidedly kind to Interpublic) with a reputation for short term fixes rather than imaginative corporate development.

So is this proposed move just another stab in the dark?

Go on Lowe, confound us all.

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