The devilish Flake ad that might have saved Cadbury from Kraft

You never know, if Cadbury had actually run this bizarre ad for Cadbury’s Flake during the last knockings of the successful Kraft bid it might just have frightened off the plastic cheese-makers from Philadelphia.

Are these limeys sex-crazed or what, they might have mused. So that’s what Quaker means!

But even the sainted Phil Rumbol, Cadbury marketing director before the takeover, took fright at director Jonathan Glazer’s explicit (and silly) film, kindly brought to our attention by Brand Republic (see link).

Strangely enough agency Saatchi & Saatchi lost the business to sister agency Fallon shortly afterwards.

Flake has always flirted with the far side of advertising naughtiness. Even back in 1969 it was running this ad not that long after the judge in the Lady Chatterley’s Lover obscenity trial had professed ignorance about the existence of oral sex (counsel told him it was a dirty French habit).

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