COI beats cutbacks with first quarter poster bonanza

Those naughty people at the Central Office of Information, the UK government’s advertising body, got their retaliation in first in the first quarter of 2010, spending £8m on posters, way ahead of the next biggest spenders McDonalds and Sky which both spent £3.6m.

The people at the COI, and their Labour government bosses of course, could clearly see the vampire-like visage of Tory chancellor George Osborne looming and decided to get their campaigns away before he brutally chopped off their funds.

The COI spend helped to boost outdoor advertising spending in the period to £204m, a healthy 14.6 per cent increase on 2009’s dire figures.

We may well see a similar upturn in the April to May figure – the COI may still have had its cheque book open and this period also includes General Election spending.
The rest of the year for ad expenditure generally is much harder to forecast although the World Cup is giving a big boost to ITV and other media owners like Sky and Virgin are busy plugging things like HDTV.

But researchers Nielsen reckon ad expenditure generally rose by 7.8 per cent in the first quarter, which is very good news for the ad industry.

The key question is whether or not this survives the spending cuts and general air of doom and gloom propagated by Osborne and his chums.

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