Aussies wave (less than) fond farewell to Commonwealth Bank ‘agency’ campaign

Actually Commonwealth Bank’s ‘dare to be different’ campaign is quite funny but its depiction of a fictional ad agency producing a stream of stupid ideas for the bank seems to have finally got on the nerves of too many Australians.

So the bank’s real agency San Francisco-based Goodby Silverstein & Partners is dropping the idiots from the agency for a new campaign by Amelie director Jean-Pierre Jennet, with absolutely no admen in it.

In real life most agency types think of themselves as hommes serieux although this doesn’t necessarily extend to the creative department (unless the points at issue are their salaries, perks and human right to ignore the wishes of the client of course).

This campaign might be seen as the creatives’ revenge on account handlers.

But the real skill in this campaign was to depict bank staff as sensible human beings. This is perhaps a first in the history of advertising.

Just compare it with, say, the UK’s Halifax ads which feature ‘real’ people behaving like complete prats.

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