Will Wenlock and Mandeville do the business for London 2012?

Well it’s all very clever and, based on a script by children’s author Michael Morpurgo, quite charming in the launch film.

But will these two cyclops-type things do a good job in merchandising the 2012 Olympics Games in London? They’re not exactly World Cup Willie are they?

Wenlock comes from a village in Shropshire that apparently hosted a precursor to the Olympics at some point in the 19th century (hmm..) while Mandeville is named after the location of the famous Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghmanshire which puts together fractured people, an obvious link to the Paralympics.

Anyway, there we are. At least the Olympic project seems to be being handled professionally, in stark contrast to the 2018 football World Cup bid.

I’m still not wholly convinced by Wenlock and Mandeville, who, I’m sure, will be slaughtered in the papers, but there you go.

The 2018 mob could do worse than sign up Seb Coe, who’s done a brilliant job with the Olympics, to get their own show back on the road.

At the moment it seems to be either him or Alan Sugar.

Seb, we forgive you anything you might have done or even thought about.

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