More comes out about Triesman affair and it looks worse for the Mail on Sunday

Sooner or later the powers that be at Associated Newspaper, publisher of the Mail on Sunday, are going to have to go on the record to justify their grubby entrapment of Football Association boss Lord David Triesman (and their exploitation of the clearly vulnerable Melissa Jacobs, his ‘muse’) or make a grovelling apology to their readers and the world at large.

But so far we’ve heard nothing on the record from MoS editor Peter Wright, Associated editor in chief Paul Dacre or owner Viscount Rothermere.

Are these fearless crusaders after truth running scared?

In the pre-Dacre era at the Mail the man in charge was Sir David English (who incurred his own mega cock-ups from time to time) and his owner was Vere Rothermere, the current viscount’s dad.

English was a courteous man as well as a ruthless bastard when he had to be. Rothermere was something of an upper class twit but one with a moral compass when it came to his newspapers.

The two of them would have dealt with this (English would probably have stopped it happening in the first place).

Wright, Dacre and Rothermere are just hunkering down, hoping it will all go away.

Wimps, the lot of them.

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