The lesson marketers need to learn from Lady Gaga’s lost knickers

It must have seemed a good idea on the part of corsetiere Rigby & Peller to lend Lady Gaga seven sets of undies for her new video.

But the firm, which kits out the Queen, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sophie Dahl among others, is horrified to find that only three such sets have been returned.

Isn’t that what always happens with celebs? You lend them stuff like clothes and, in certain cases, expensive items of jewellery and they just forget to bring them back.

But that’s what being a rock star is all about isn’t it? And it beats me why companies even bother with celebrity endorsement. It may go famously for years but, eventually, it’s going to catch you out. Think Tiger Woods.

Will the marketing fraternity learn the obvious lesson? No, obviously.

Here’s Lady Gaga from American Idol, clearly in her Rigbys.

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