Simon Cowell and Page 3 girls line up for the Tories – democracy wobbles!

I guess there has always been a slew of celebrity endorsements come election time but, of course, you forget them as soon as it’s over. Or maybe before.

But not content with lining up hordes of captains of industry (and some foot soldiers of industry) the Tory-supporting Sun features talent show impressario Simon Cowell of X-Factor fame on its front page today, opining that a hung Parliament (which means anything other than a victory for Dave Cameroon) will leads to months of useless debate and national disaster.

And if this dire prognosis isn’t bad enough it also claims that a Labour-Liberal Democrat pact will put its venerable Page 3 girls out of a job as their bare-breasted appearance will be banned by Labour harridan Harriet Harman and her Lib Dem counterpart Lynn Featherstone.

So far Cameron hasn’t responded officially to this show of support. Tits for the Tories you might say.

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