Paddy Power takes a gamble on David Cameron

Another branding triumph today for brash bookmaker Paddy Power, which is paying out two days early on all bets on David Cameron to be Prime Minister and the Tories to win most seats in the general election.

With a video projection last night on one side of the Houses of Parliament proclaiming “We’re Paying Out”, Power is maintaining its position as the cheeky high profile bookie that punters can turn to for a bit of fun.

Paying out early is now a traditional move by Power, which has handed over the cash to football punters several times before the UK Premiership title has officially been won.

In 2003 this backfired when it declared the contest over in favour of Arsenal, which was then comfortably leading the table, only for Manchester United to overhaul the Gunners at the very last.

The bookmaker could face a similar embarrassment after the election. While the Tories should gain the most seats, if there is a hung parliament Labour and the Lib Dems might manage to cobble together a government, which would keep Dave out of No 10.

Not that Power would mind too much. It’s just all about keeping the firm in the public eye when there are dramatic public contests taking place.

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