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Omnicom’s John Wren deal shows you can still make money when you’re dead

At which point you presumably aren’t bringing in too much new business.

But Omnicom shareholders today supported a proposal that will give outgoing CEO John Wren (his dependents presumably) up to $41m when he dies. He’s already due to collect $2.5m a year in his retirement.

Even youthful BBDO boss Andrew Robertson is due to collect $12m for his funeral costs – surely Wren and Robbo should be able to put a bit aside for some cake and a few drinks?

Omnicom argues that it needs to offer death benefits to ‘attract and retain top talent.’

Come off it, these guys are paid megabucks for doing a good job and almost as much if they don’t.

$41m for popping your clogs is plain ridiculous; but try telling that to the lawyers and remuneration consultants.

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