Google’s AdMob clearance is another blow for Apple

The US competition authorities have cleared Google’s acquisition of mobile ad network AdMob, in part because rival Apple (which tried to buy AdMob) bought Quattro Wireless and has launched its own mobile ad service iAd.

AdMob is bigger than Quattro with 8.5bn ads a month and Google also has far more experience of selling advertising than Apple. The news comes hard on the heels of the launch of GoogleTV, Google’s attempt to create the first popular integrated TV and internet service.

Apple boss Steve Jobs hopes his new iPad device will turn Apple into a media owner as well as a tech maker but, for the first time in several years, Google has reclaimed the lead in the race to dominate an increasingly tech-centric world.

As it as though Apple’s flirtation with AdMob and then purchase of Quattro cleared the way for Google, there will be a distinct lack of rejoicing at Apple HQ.

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