Google and Intel team with Sony to crack set top TV market

Google and Intel are teaming to offer a ‘smart TV’ platform aimed at bringing web services into the box in the corner of the room by combining Google’s Android operating system with Intel’s Atom microprocessor.

The key to this latest effort to wire up TVs and computers in a way that appeals to the public (various ways of doing it have been available for years) is a deal to make the new platform integral to Sony TVs. Sony, in turn, will gain access to ad revenues generated by the platform.

Almost equally important is the potential to make TVs a popular way of accessing the likes of Facebook and Twitter which holds out of the possibility of flipping millions of users over to advertising-funded services.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini hailed the new deal thus: “the revolution we’re about to go through is the biggest single change in television since it went colour.”

We’ve heard this before of course, Google’s public enemy number one Apple said similar things about its iTV system which has so far failed to take the world by storm.

But there’s a world of difference between a device you need to buy and one that’s already loaded into your new TV.

And we wait to see if there’ll be room in this brave new world for media agencies. Or will Google, already the world’s biggest advertising company, decide to do that job itself?

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