Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney are World Cup rivals

In the nicest possible way of course, as these two seem to be the players advertisers have plumped for as the UK (and indeed the world) prepares for World Cup mania.

They’re hardly surprising choices of course, advertisers aren’t likely to be falling over themselves to use sacked England captain John Terry or even his successor Rio Ferdinand (rather too fond of bling). Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard is a touch short in the charisma stakes.

We’ve already had Rooney’s Cup debut for Nike, now it’s Frank Lampard for Tesco and, in a nice twist, he’s mistaken for Rooney by Fay Ripley’s mum character who’s blessedly unaware of his celebrity.

And it’s good to see that agency The Red Brick Road retains its ability to produce wry ads that depend on the interplay between people.

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