World Cup a sure bet for England says Wall Street giant JP Morgan

Yes, the world’s most successful bank, stuffed to the gills with super-paid smart asses, has gleaned that England, the perennial under-performers, will win this year’s World Cup in South Africa.

How so? Well the boys in London have fed all the stats into the computer, leavened with a bit of natural talent, and their ‘Quant Model’ – the mathematical model they use to screen and identify stocks to buy and sell – reveals that England are the likeliest winners, even though Brazil are the best team.

How so (again)? Well it’s all to do with the fixtures apparently; Brazil has a more hazardous route to the finals than England so JPM has England the winners, Spain the runners-up (unless there’s a Russian referee of course) and the Netherlands third (beating Brazil presumably).

For those punters searching for a safe bet (in your dreams) it advises that backing each of Brazil, England and Spain to win at current odds gives you a 52.5 per cent chance of winning. A bit.

Mind you, the JPM boys conclude with the thought that “any quant model that comes up with England as 2010 World Cup winners is still mystifying.”

Oh well, at least we won the 20/20 cricket.

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