Boys, boys! Boulton and Campbell square up on Sky TV

Sometime or other we may have a government in the UK. In the meantime we must amuse ourselves with the antics of the broadcasters and here we have Sky political editor Adam Boulton and Tony Blair’s spinmeister Alastair Campbell (once a hack himself at the Mirror) almost coming to blows live on TV.

Boulton, who’s being expertly wound up by Campbell in his (definitely tactical) sweet and reasonable mode, looks like he could do with a break after hosting Sky’s election night coverage and pretty well all the unfolding events since. He also allows his exasperation with hanging-on-by-the-fingernails PM Gordon Brown to show rather too clearly for a supposedly impartial interviewer and commentator.

Aren’t some of these Sky broadcasters getting a bit big for their boots and the audience’s good?

Stay with it, it’s six minutes long but well worth the effort:

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