Youth Media targets students at their desks

Reaching young people has always been a fraught business for advertisers, as they always move on to the next exciting media channel before the brands can catch up.

Now Youth Media, a media network based in UK universities and colleges, has launched a new range of opportunities for marketers aiming to reach students, with the introduction of branded app facilities on its YouthWire Desktop Platform.

The new facilities will allow advertisers to increase brand engagement with the student market, drive traffic to their websites and stimulate increased sales.

The Desktop Platform has previously been purely a channel for ad campaigns and interactive panels but now it will provide a range of digital tools, such as widgets for marketing campaigns.

The Platform is currently installed on more than 24,000 PCs in 34 universities with a reach of more than 650,000 individuals and 26,000 PCs in 98 colleges, with a reach of more than 700,000, according to Youth Media. Individual students average six sessions a month, with an average dwell time of 86 minutes.

Through the Platform, which is a closed network endorsed by the academic institutions, advertisers will be able to target students highly selectively, with no competition from other ads on the desktop.

Justin Smith, Director of Youth Media, says: “Our portfolio of media is unique within the educational marketplace and this ground-breaking initiative adds a powerful new solution to our range which will enable advertisers to really talk face to face with their selected target audiences.”

Youth has another direct messaging tool in its armoury. The Desktop advertising and branded apps functions will be supported by its departmental emails facility, where email campaigns are sent through heads of department to student’s academic email addresses, resulting in less wastage and far better responses. Youth Media’s emails coverage is now more than two million in universities across the UK.

Sounds as if this might be a good bet. If they’re in the library trying to concentrate rather than relaxing in the uni bar, maybe students will pay a little more attention to the brand messages coming their way.

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