Women not tough enough for Today Programme says editor Thomas

Today editor Ceri Thomas is hardly the most popular person with his listeners, many of whom were outraged when presenter ‘posh’ Ed Stourton was defenstrated to make room for returning US correspondent Justin Webb.

Now Thomas has told the BBC’s Feedback programme that the Today environment is too tough for most gals (apparently they don’t have a “thick enough hide”) and he doesn’t envisage hiring any more in the near future.

Since Carolyn Quinn was booted off the roster in 2008 (admittedly she wasn’t very good) Sarah Montague has been the only female presenter alongside Webb, John Humphrys, James Naughtie and Evan Davis (and you’d hardly call Davis or indeed Naughtie rottweilers).

This is all rather odd as sister station Radio 5 is awash with female news presenters as are the Beeb’s TV channels.

Thomas, who sounds like one of those Welshmen who talks before fully engaging his brain, could be on his way back to the valleys soon.

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