Six ways to create great digital ads

Bannerblog’s Ashley Ringrose thinks he’s found the secret anyway according to a recent presentation.

Essentially digital ads should be interactive and useful, Ashley says, which sounds obvious enough.

But not very many are apparently. Which, with digital accounting for ten per cent of US ad expenditure and 20 per cent in the UK means that a lot of it is wasted (although it’s not all display of course).

Consumer products advertisers might take a leaf out of the tech advertisers’ book as techies seem to click away happily on just about everything that’s placed in front of them. Possibly because they’re mad, you might say, but we’re all techies these days, willingly or not.

Ashley praises Glue’s Coke UK ad in his presentation. Presumably stuff like this for Oasis:

And it’s got sex and violence too!

Although it’s neither interactive nor particularly useful….

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