Tory spinner Andy Coulson back in the frame over phone hacking

Just when Tory leader David Cameron looked like he was back on top in the election an old ghost has returned to haunt him.

His director of communications Andy Coulson is the former News of the World editor who resigned when his royal correspondent and a private eye on his payroll were jailed for hacking into people’s mobiles. Coulson, although he took responsibility, said he actually knew nuffink about it, which suggests a remarkably liberal expenses regime at the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid.

The NoW has already settled out of court with two alleged victims, kiss-and-tell PR maestro Max Clifford and Professional Footballers Association boss Gordon Taylor, for around £1m and £700,000 respectively.

Now football agent Sky Andrew, who represents Sol Campbell and Jermain Defoe among others, is suing too and may be followed by others including troubled former England star Paul Gascoigne.

Well you would, wouldn’t you, for that kind of money?

Other alleged victims include model Elle McPherson and various members of the Royal Family. The latter are unlikely to make it to the steps of the High Court but the affair is a running sore for Cameron as well as Coulson.

Will Coulson feel obliged to fall on his sword again?

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