Tiger Beer signs Wayne Rooney for Asian beer blitz

It’s not that long ago that Wayne Rooney was riding his BMX around the mean streets of Toxteth in Liverpool (when he wasn’t knocking in goals for Everton’s youth team).

Now he’s an ‘international football icon’ no less according to Tiger Beer and has been signed to front a new campaign ‘the game never ends’ (they’re right there) for the World Cup to run in Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore and Vietnam.

Actually Rooney (now a Manchester United and England star of course) is a pretty good choice and not just because you can imagine him as one of Attila the Hun’s Mongolian stormtroopers. He’d look good in one of those pointy caps.

One, he likes the product (or at least the category) as Sky TV viewers in the UK noticed when he was spotted quaffing a sneaky pint when injury consigned him to watching duties at a recent Man U home game.

Two, he seems a genial cove who’s actually become more communicative and less sulky as his fame has grown, unlike some other England footballers one could name.

Rooney says he had fun making the commercial with Iris Singapore. It shows him dribbling his way (football style) through a bar to nab the last cold Tiger.

Haven’t seen it yet but here’s another ad for Tiger, which is fun too.

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    I was in the recent Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore ad with Rooney. It was shot in February in Bar38 in Manchester and took over 3 days.