PR agencies in a spin over Vodafone

A little online barney between two UK PR agencies has caused some amusement among the nation’s spinners this morning.

Apparently Vodafone’s recently appointed agency, Paratus, (slightly toffy name, Latin for ‘prepared’ we believe) sent out an erroneous release to bloggers and then a second apologising for the first.

So far, so normal, it can happen to anyone. However this was then picked up by one Jed Hallam at Wolfstar, who criticised the agency for poor blogger relations and, although he didn’t name Paratus, referred to Vodafone, thus allowing everyone to identify the errant company.

Cue a number of people jumping in on both sides and a little flurry of comments about PR firms and their shortcomings in the social media area, followed by others suggesting this piece of dirty linen didn’t need to be aired in public.

All in all, not a great triumph for the UK’s public relations community, but moderately diverting even so.

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