Phil Rumbol quits Cadburys – does anybody value good marketing directors?

Cadburys, as we all know, has been taken over by Kraft, and the signs, as we all know as well, aren’t good.

Now Phil Rumbol, the man behind the famous ‘Gorilla’ campaign for Cadburys Dairy Milk, is leaving too; because Cadbury/Kraft wanted to shunt him over to Switzerland. Well it’s OK if you’re a hedge fund manager…

A while ago your correspondent talked to the great Sir Frank Lowe and asked him who was a really good client these days, apart from obvious names in the frame like Sir Terry Leahy at Tesco.

And Frank said that Rumbol was terrific, having worked with him from 1996 to 2006 on Heineken.

Rumbol is apparently in his 40s. So I guess he’ll go to an agency.

Cadburys, of course, was hardly a British company when it was taken over by Kraft (half its business was Adams chewing gum). But Kraft is the kiss of death to any company with ideas. It’s industrial cheese and that’s it. Even the tops on the Philly cheese boxes are artfully designed so that the stuff goes off before your next supermarket shop.

Good luck to Phil anyway. Here’s his opus that almost made Phil Collins cool:

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