M&C man takes Labour fight to client David Cameron

Yes, there’s an M&C Saatchi executive standing for Labour against Tory leader David Cameron in his Witney, Oxfordshire constituency. M&C is the Tories’ ad agency of course, house speciality dissing Labour PM Gordon Brown.

Let Stephen Bates in the Guardian take up the tale:

‘It must be hard enough being the Labour candidate in David Cameron’s Witney constituency (Tory majority over 14,000) at the best of times, but Joe Goldberg, the people’s party’s standard bearer, has an extra burden to carry. He works for M&C Saatchi, the advertising agency recently entrusted with the Tories’ national advertising campaign. Rubbing in the salt, the company’s website – which says it follows the principle of brutal simplicity – has been claiming its purpose is to tear lumps out of Gordon Brown, quoting with approval a recent article in Money Week boasting: “The Saatchis don’t do positive advertisements at election time. They think they’re a waste of space.” Understandably, Joe, who’s a councillor in Haringey and works as a brand consultant, developing corporations’ marketing strategies, doesn’t mention the Saatchi connection on his website. “I am trying to keep a low profile about that,” he says through gritted teeth. “I am concentrating on taking the fight to Cameron.” And he claims to detect signs of support in Chipping Norton. The conversation should be fun when he gets back to work.’

Indeed it will. And the next time he makes an appearance at a People’s Republic of Haringey meeting.

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