Lobbying chief Bingle blasts Tory campaign

Bell Pottinger Public Affairs chief Peter Bingle, whose ultimate boss is Margaret Thatcher’s spinmeister Tim Bell, has blasted the Tory Party’s election effort so far as “the most inept Tory campaign in living memory.”

This is saying something as the previous efforts by Michael Howard and William Hague weren’t exactly whizzers.

The Bunter-ish Bingle goes on to say that leader David Cameron’s advisers were mad to allow the Liberal Democrats’ Nick Clegg equal time in the television debates, rather ignoring the fact that the broadcasters would never have allowed a head to head between Cameron and PM Gordon Brown (they only just managed to keep the Welsh and Scottish Nationalists at bay).

And he opines that John Major, beaten by Tony Blair in 1997, may be the last Tory PM if the resurgent Libs succeed in changing the first past the post voting system after the election.

Bingle has form in this area having annoyed Central Office with his musings before.

What the PR Week story doesn’t tell us is the intended recipient of the email/memo.

Did Bingle put it out on PR Newswire? Or just send it to PR Week?

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