Wouldn’t life be great if all media companies were like 30 Rock?

30 Rock, Tina Fey’s take on Saturday Night Live with the added benefit of Alec Baldwin’s poisonous boss, is back on UK telly tonight.

It’s the sort of thing you dreamed about when you took the fateful step to go into the media business in the first place.

And, of course, it depicts a workaday cocktail of stress, disorder and anxiety. But it also looks such good fun, what agencies and magazines and newspapers used to be like before the bizarre notion that they could be run as sensibly as other more boring organisations, like insurance companies, took hold.

Former Sun editor David Yelland recently brought out out a novel and to promote it retailed the tale that he’d been so pissed at the Sun that on one occasion he wore two shirts and two ties for a meeting with Rupert Murdoch.

This was to demonstrate the perils of alcoholism and indeed it does.

But it’s also funny.

We all know that business has lost its sense of humour, if it ever had one. Let’s face it, most executives can’t even speak clear English these days.

30 Rock should be compulsory viewing (along with Mad Men of course).

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