Is this how to increase Google search results?

Craig MacDonald, chief marketing officer of search ROI software firm Covario thinks it is anyway.

His job explains why Craig is being so generous with readers of Ad Age but he has some interesting points to make about the business of clawing your way to the top of Google listings.

Essentially Craig says you need the right key words in the url you use and goes on to point out that many big US companies appear to wilfully ignore this truth.

Just as interesting are the comments at the bottom of the article, all making the point that maybe these companies don’t want to attract everybody although being unpopular is a difficult strategy to defend.

There’s probably the factor that some companies think that building sales strategies around a high listing on Google is inherently self-defeating: someone will come along with a bigger budget and even defending your position is costly in terms of the hired help (agencies).

And one wonders how much Covario’s software costs?

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