Google leads top Brandz list – but aren’t these things always out of date?

The fourth Brandz survey from WPP’s Millward Brown research company has Google on top, valued at over $100bn, followed by Microsoft, Coca-Cola, IBM and McDonald’s.

No surprises there, apart from the absence perhaps of Apple and Facebook, surely the movers and shakers in the brand world in 2009?

Well Apple comes sixth but Facebook is way down, well behind the likes of Vodafone (the UK’s top brand) and Marlboro, both in their way looking pretty ancient.

These computations rest on earnings and various clever matrix that Millward Brown has invented. Facebook doesn’t earn anything yet of course, although it certainly will and soon.

Generally the report claims that the value of the top 100 brands rose by two per cent in 2009 to reach $2 trillion, which means two thousand billion I think.

So fairly interesting then but maybe the survey should pay more attention to the noise these brands generate. That’s the point of most marketing after all.

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    Strange, I could have sworn that the point of marketing was to make money not noise!