Like button takes Facebook closer to world domination

Facebook is introducing a ‘Like’ button to third party websites which means that users can add topics, products and content they like to their Facebook profiles.

With over 400m users the company is certain to be sitting on a priceless data store before very long. It’s already signed up the likes of CNN and the New York Times and just about every website on earth will be clamouring for a button.

Among likely developments is the ability to deliver personalised content to users based on their stated likes. This neatly sidesteps the problems experienced by Google and others who have wanted to this based on users’ search choices, which they might not care to be reminded of.

It’s amazing how quickly Facebook, along with the new gadget-rich Apple and possibly Twitter, have taken over from the once all-conquering Google as the world’s coolest companies.

If Facebook can get its Like button paid-for offering right then advertisers will fall over themselves to use it.

Which, of course, means that Facebook won’t just be cool but very rich as well.

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