Now US business goes Apple app crazy

At long last Apple is cracking the corporate market, instanced by booming sales of iPhones (27 per cent of the US market in February) and the new iPad.

Buyers are apparently being wooed by the ever-growing number of Apple apps with their ease of use and heaps of free information.

Even Apple seems to have been taken unawares by its new-found popularity among corporate buyers with the roll-out of the iPad to the world outside America put back into May from the end of April due to stock shortages.

For decades the corporate sector has been the sole preserve of Microsoft’s Windows with companies regarding Apple products as quirky and expensive.

Similarly the corporate phone sector has been dominated by BlackBerry whose share of the market in February remained stable at 69 per cent.

But these days you’re decidedly uncool if you’re not Appled-up as a consumer. Now it looks as though the corporate sector is falling into line.

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