Another first for Rod Liddle – but was he right about afro-Caribbean crimes?

Bart BechtRod Liddle, who now no longer appears to be in line to edit the Independent, is the first blogger to be censured by the Press Complaints Commission.

This is for asserting, back in December, that afro-Caribbean young men were ‘overwhelmingly’ responsible for violent crime in London. The PCC said Liddle and the Spectator has failed to substantiate the accusation.

Rod prides himself on saying the hitherto unsayable but is he right?

Well there’s no doubt that young black men are responsible for a lot of crime, often against each other as it’s easy to see from police actions like Operation Trident.

Perhaps they are responsible for the majority.

But the ‘overwhelming’ majority is pushing it a bit. People on the other side might argue that they’re much more likely to be nicked than their white or asian counterparts because the police pay them much more attention, through the extensive use of stop and search and the like.

The interesting question is whether Rod is just saying what political correctness prevents other white commentators from saying or, as many other members of the columntariat have done, is drifting rightwards as he gets older. If that’s the answer he’s not drifting in a particularly pleasant direction.

As for the Indy, the current favourite to replace Roger Alton at the helm is former BBC director general (and multi-millionaire) Greg Dyke.

Greg is a bit of a populist himself of course although, so far, still signed up with the lefties.

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