Ad spat over as Weight Watchers tells agencies to grow up

The threatened legal action between Interpublic and MDA-owned Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners is over as Lori Senecal’s new agency agreed not to poach any more staff from her former agency McCann-Erickson for at least six months.

Even by the standards of such litigation this case lacked legs, lasting barely a week from IPG’s announcement that it would sue Kirshenbaum for pinching staff and soliciting the Weight Watchers account which both agencies share.

Weight Watchers is believed to have told the feuding agencies in no uncertain terms that it was time they concentrated on advertising.

As for Senecal, who used to be the boss of McCanns New York, she finds herself with a number of expensive former McCanns staff on the books already and no immediate new source of income to pay for them.

And a heap of other agencies wondering if Weight Watchers is sufficiently disenchanted to cast a glance in their direction.

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