Absolut vodka versus Absolute Radio – dumbers down or just dumb?

There’s much talk these days of the pernicious way marketing softens our brains, especially when it comes to politics.

But the really soft brains seem to be in the business themselves, encouraged, as always, by their lawyers, those humorists who delight in emptying corporate wallets.

Absolut vodka has decided to settle its lawsuit against the UK’s Absolute Radio, presumably having persuaded itself that you can’t drink a radio station. Absolut’s owners, V&S Vin&Spirit, says the agreement means that it can “continue to develop the iconic Absolut brand without risk of confusion to the public.”

Well we can all breath a sigh of relief then.

But they’re all it. Google, a serial offender, is threatening to sue an Australian alcohol brand called Groggle just in case its millions of users down under start bookmarking Groggle instead of Google presumably. Don’t they know that grog is an old word for booze?

And the legal eagles can trouser their handsome fees while breathing a sign of relief that they don’t have to make prats of themselves in court. “Well M’Lud there have been numerous instances of confused members of the public entering off licence premises and asking for Absolute Radio….”

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