UK ad complaints show the ASA is a good regulator

The UK Advertising Standards Authority was introduced 40-odd years ago as a system of self-regulation paid for by a small tax on media spend. At the time it was regarded by advertising’s opponents (and they had a case) as just ...

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Aussie PM Rudd and mining giants in ad war over tax

Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd wants to bring in a 40 per cent surtax on the mining giants who are digging up huge chunks of the country to supply the ever-growing needs of Chinese industry. He’s been criticised already for ...

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Meerkats are everywhere – now they’re playing Lionel Messi for Pepsi

Is the world about to suffer meerkat fatigue? It wouldn’t be the advertising industry if it didn’t take someone else’s idea and work it to the point of extinction and now the critters, who feature in the phenomenal success of ...

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Vodafone tops IPL sponsors, Adidas and Coke lead in World Cup

Vodafone has emerged as the most noticed sponsor in the Indian Premier League cricket competition ahead of title sponsor DLF real estate, according to an Asia Pacific region survey by media agency MEC. Even though the FIFA World Cup hasn’t ...

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FT story rattles China, Eurozone, world markets

There’s influence and influence and the Financial Times seems to have it in spades if the reaction to a story in last Wednesday’s pink ‘un is any guide. The FT wrote that China, the world’s biggest buyer of government bonds ...

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Omnicom’s John Wren deal shows you can still make money when you’re dead

At which point you presumably aren’t bringing in too much new business. But Omnicom shareholders today supported a proposal that will give outgoing CEO John Wren (his dependents presumably) up to $41m when he dies. He’s already due to collect ...

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ITV’s new triumvirate has no room for Rupert Howell

Rupert Howell

It always looked likely that Rupert Howell, the former HHCL and McCanns chief, ITV’s managing director of brand and commercial, would run out of room on the arrival of another former agency man Adam Crozier as CEO. The station is ...

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Could being the biggest create an image problem for Apple?


Sounds daft we know but for decades Apple has been the discerning techies’ choice and many a heated argument has taken place between designers and writers praising its wares with quasi-religious zeal and other people saying ‘get a life,’ everybody ...

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