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Karmarama back in the saddle for the Beeb with Radio One ‘repositioning’

At the tail end of last year there was a big pitch for the BBC, involving some of London’s finest although not adam&eveDDB – on the grounds they were all too knackered – or Karmarama, the agency that produced the acclaimed ‘Love of Music’ featuring God Only Knows writer Brian Wilson, among others.

RKCR/Y&R won out, which it lauded to the rooftops. So here we have, er, Karamarama back on the case with a new film ‘repositioning’ venerable BBC yoof station Radio One.

What a diverting organisation the Beeb is. I asked someone involved in the pitch why the BBC, with all its creative talent, needed an agency anyway. With a politely pained expression (all self-respecting admen see the employment of an agency as one of life’s necessities) he thought for a bit and then said that using an agency was the only way people at the Beeb could ever get anything done – turf wars and all that. So now you know.

Anyway, back to Karmarama and Radio One. Radio One is, it seems, ‘Where It All Begins.’ Furthermore ‘Life’s A Ride,’ as instanced by the lady pizza delivery rider entering a ‘ball of death.’

It’s a nice enough film. But why is every new British ad so dark? MAA creative scale: 6.

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